ECTA Annual Conference – Hamburg, Germany



Dear clients, international associates and friends


Our partners Andrea and Boris will be in attendance of the upcoming ECTA annual Conference in Hamburg, Germany, 10-13 June 2015.


We hope to catch up with as many as possible of you in Hamburg !



Deosip’s team took part at the FacebookMastery 2014



In the IP field, it is very frequent to deal with the misuse of trade marks, trade names and other distinctive signs in Internet. For example in this period we are taking care of a notice and take down procedure against an e-commerce that is  operating through Facebook and is illegally using the trade mark and name of a very well-known international music celebrity (whose name, for obvious reasons, cannot be revealed) and selling different kinds of counterfeit products.

We are therefore very aware that today there is the need, and in our opinion even the pleasure, to keep ourselves always updated concerning all the developments of Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing, focusing our attention in particular to AdWords and Facebook Ads’ tools, through which infringements can be committed.

For this reason, on Friday the 21st of February, we took part in the Facebook Mastery 2014, the national exclusive advanced training event dedicated to all the news and best practice of Facebook (

It has been a great event, the high-grade has been appreciated even by those who, like us, aren’t professionals in web matters. In fact, we would like to congratulate all the speakers and in particular Fabio Sutto for the great organisation and the exciting contents.

From a legal point of view, what we have found extremely interesting was the issue of the Facebook Contests: they are exposed to a lot of risks and bump into difficult legislation and procedures, which are much more complicated than in many other countries.

So we came home with a major consciousness of Facebook and other social networks’ secrets and knowledge. We believe that to perform a good work, in any field of work, it is necessary to know every features of our “playing field”. Therefore, even for an IP consultant it is essential to comprehend and have awareness of Social Media Marketing’s dynamics.

Boris & Giulia