• Trademarks

    The trade mark is the principal identifier of the goods or services sourced by a business. In all its different types, it allows the entrepreneur to stand out from competitors and generates value for him and his company.

    The registration of the trade mark is essential and ensures the trade mark’s owner the best possible protection against imitations and fraud.

    From the international perspective, registration is mostly a pre-requisite for enforcement procedures and, in some legal systems, unregistered trade marks do not benefit from any protection.

    We can assist you in all the necessary steps: pre-registration searching and legal reports, registration of trade marks worldwide, watching services, handling opposition procedures, transfers and recordals, database managing of trade marks with the most advanced technologies.

    We conduct due diligence and auditing for business transactions.

  • Patents

    Patents are the principal tool to protect technical innovations.

    A patent application grants its proprietor the exclusive right to implement the invention and to commercially exploit it, in one or more countries.

    Patents are actually the only effective way of ensuring the best possible protection against infringements.

    To achieve an adequate coverage of the markets of main interest, a first patent application filed in a single country can be extended overseas as a plurality of national or regional patent applications.

    We can assist you in all the necessary steps to obtain patent protection: searching the state of the art, drafting and filing patent applications in Italy and abroad, prosecuting the patent applications throughout the examination up to their granting.

    Furthermore, we can assist applicants in the opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office and provide advice in any court and out-of-court proceeding concerning patents.

  • Design

    A registered design protects the appearance of a product and gives its owner the exclusive right upon that appearance.

    Although still little known and used by businesses, design registration is generally fast and economical, and gives a tangible advantage over competitors.

    We can assist you in all the necessary steps including the assessment of the registration requirements, registration procedures and enforcement worldwide.

  • Copyright

    Copyright protects authors of intellectual property in literature, music, figurative arts, architecture, theatre, cinema, and other modern forms of expression, including software, databases and the iconic works of industrial design.

    We can assist you in the registration of the creative work at the competent authorities in Italy and abroad and in safeguarding your rights.

  • Domain Names and online
    Brand Protection

    A domain name is the digital business identifier of a web site in Internet: a window in the world and a key tool for marketing visibility, especially for those engaged in the e-commerce.

    An ideal management of domain names goes beyond the registration and maintenance technical procedures and includes the web watching and enforcement.

    We can assist you in out-of-court settlement of disputes, resolution policies or arbitration.

    To the clients who believe that domain names deserve a careful and professional management alike the trademarks, we can also offer, through selected and trustworthy providers, a service of technical maintenance coordinated with the administration and protection of trade marks.

    We provide tailored analysis and investigations on unauthorized use of your trade marks in Internet, particularly in e-commerce retailers, social networks and search engines.

  • Valuation of
    Intangible Assets

    An important concern for companies is recognizing the economic impact of the intangibles within the business. We can assist you in identifying the intangible assets in M&A operations, due diligence investigations, in order to certify their value separately from the goodwill.

    We provide reliable reports for lenders, investment firms and corporations on the value of intangible assets.

    Our valuations of intangibles are accurate and well-grounded, being the result of a team-work of our IP legal specialists, financial and business experts.